TxtReaderXpress DMS is a document management system (DMS) used to track and store digital documents. Capable of keeping track of different versions modified and store documents in their native file format by project baseline. Integrated Microsoft Office 2013/2016 as native editing suite, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, make changes, and auto save the changed document back to the sqlite database as a new version, just exit the Microsoft Office 2013/2016 apps. Capable of import, export, preview stored documents is simple.

Nevertheless, TxtReaderXpress DMS also capable uses the functions supplied by Microsoft Text To Speech to convert plain text to audio, create audio lessons. Also offers an engaging way to view and manage eBooks and also a build-in library to create a short collection of your favorite books.

TxtReaderXpress target audience is teachers, students, professional, book lover, visual or vocal disabilities and etc.

Accessible, reliable and user-friendly piece of software that can be used to quickly convert all your text documents into audio books

TxtReaderXpress is a powerful software that can be used convert any text to audio in no time at all.The program can highlight the spoken words or sentences.

In order to run properly and without malfunctions, the application requires Microsoft Speech Platform 11 or any Microsoft Desktop SAPI, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice ( Required installed .Net Framework 3.5 ).

System Requirements


TxtReaderXpress is using a clear interface design.

1. Top Left Start Menu

  • List of Start, Applications, Open Menu
    • Start, press this direct goto the Start Menu. Picture above.
    • Applications
      • Manager, ebook manage.
      • Settings, TxtReaderXpress configuration
      • Open Blank RichText, open a richtext editor
      • Open Web Navigater, open a Web Browser
      • Typing exercises, change TxtReaderXpress into a Typing exercises panel
    • Open, users can open all the supports ebook format from here

2. Speech Platform

The Speech Control interface. Users can select the Text-To-Speech Voice to perform speech synthesis. Users also can customize the voice settings and export to audio files. While Speech, a marquee or subtitile appeared.

  • ShortCut Key
    • Keyboard Key F7 is Play, Pause, Resume
    • Keyboard Key F8 is Stop
    • In certain case, ShortCut Key not always work

3. 4. Top Right Menu.

  • List of Clicks, Help Menu
    • Click
      • Close Tabpage, close a selected tab
      • Window Normal, change to resizable
      • Window Minimized, minimize
      • Window Maximized, maximize
      • Normal Style, normal border with Minimize, Maximize, close button
      • Lite Style, default without border
      • PIN Notices, ideal sticky notes
      • PIN Documents, ideal sticky multiple document reference
      • Online Dictionary, assist on learning
      • Exit, Close TxtReaderXpress
    • Help
      • Tools
        • File Hash Value, users can check the ebook Hash value
      • Stay On TopMost, set TxtReaderXpress TopMost
      • Memory Information, press to 5S memory
      • Purchase and Order, goto online order
        • PayPal, direct purchase product key from TxtReaderXpress developer
        • Share*IT, purchase product key through reseller
      • Connect, Join the facebook group
      • About TxtReaderXpress, product information
      • License, Users enter product key and product offlne activation

5. Book Category.

  • Sort ebook by book category list, Most Recent, Recent, Popular, and All

Settings and Configuration









Product License

TxtReaderXpress licensing is One Product Key for One product.


  • Goto Help menu,  press  on License.
  • Just a simple off-line activation.
  • Copy and paste the Full text of Product Key from the email received.
  • Press to validated the Prodcut Key and Done. Then restart TxtReaderXpress.
  • Revalidated Product Key for each updated is required.
  • Please supports Original.

Portable Version

TxtReaderXpress can make a portable version and the target computer have to meet the basis TxtReaderXpress system requirement, .Net Framework 4.5.2 and Microsoft Desktop SAPI and TTS Engine. Just follow the simple fews step.

  • Just copy the "TxtReaderXpress2014" folder to a pendrive from the installation location at C:\Users\[user id]\AppData\Roaming\TxtReaderXpress2014
  • Then user can run TxtReaderXpress2014 from the Pendrive:\TxtReaderXpress2014\Release\TxtReaderXpress.exe, by double click.
  • Please use a pendrive capacity bigger then 2GB.

Known problems

  • ntdll.dll faulting caused by External component
  • a little bit of memory consumption
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