Web Navigater

Web Navigater is a lightweight web navigation relies on Internet Explorer and also have a built-in Alternative web features, Chromium Lite.

Web Navigater contains the basic buttons needed, such as Home, Go, Next, Previous, Reload, Stop and Bookmark.You can safely use to surf the Internet and find certain keywords or text blocks that you might want to listen to.


  • Internet Explorer, please turn off protected mode. Open Internet Explorer uncheck the protected mode option. Protected mode causing interruption.
  • When no sentences is selected, reader is read all the sentences to audio stream.
  • To start a Web Navigater, goto Applications -> Web Navigater



Toolbar (From Left to Right)

  • Address bar
  • Goto
  • Home
  • Stop
  • Refresh
  • Previous
  • Next
  • Favorites
  • Tools
    • Print
    • Trace, all the web link records
    • Add Bookmark
    • Bookmark Manager

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