Document Management System

DMS (short for Document Management System) used to track and store digital documents. Capable of keeping track of different versions modified and store documents in their native file format by project baseline. Integrated Microsoft Office 2013 as native editing suite, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, make changes, and auto save the changed document back to the sqlite database as a new version, just exit the Microsoft Office 2013 apps. Capable of import, export, preview stored documents is simple.

Note : ONLY one instance of Word or Excel or PowerPoint running when doing editing.

Guide to create new project :

  1. Create new project. Fill in all the details.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Under the Document. select type of document to proceed.
  4. Save new document, either goto Document -> Task -> Save The document. Or Click save at Office Apps then Exit.
  5. Office Apps,Word, Excel, PowerPoint always auto saving when exit.

Guide to proceed project :

  1. Select a project title at the main panel.
  2. At the project panel, user can edit and update the details.
  3. Under the Document. select type of document to proceed create new file.
  4. Under the Document, Versioning Library let user to browse all the available files.
  5. Select a file, all the available files by version is listed.
  6. Select a file from among different version, open to edit. User also can export and preview the file.
  7. Preview a file never saved when exit.

Guide to proceed not supported file format:

  1. From the Versioning Library -> File, user can import and export all kind of file format into DMS.
  2. User have to click the Save red button to saving new version back into DMS after editing.

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